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A great book for artists

I recently discovered a book called “The Secrets of Performing Confidence” written by Andrew Evans and Adam Evans. I have already given it as a present to a few of my friends and wanted for all of you artists, to hear about it. 

This book is so down to earth and full of facts and advice that it is one of those I am definitely going to read again and again. It gives you more insight into habits different artists have, musicians and dancers and actors etc. It explains numerous mental hurdles artists deal with, stage fright, lack of motivation and depression just to mention a few. It gives you exercises for relaxation to mention one, that I have bookmarked and am going back time to time. It explains good habits for your practice sessions. It is very detailed and makes you realize certain artist characteristics to make the best out of your day to day improvements and long term goals. If you are serious about your craft I think this book is a must. It’s one of those that makes you go: oh, I have definitely thought of that but haven’t put it in words and now it makes perfect sense + I didn’t know this is a common thing and I totally have that. And then book goes: And here is how you can improve. 

It is based on statistics and extensive research about artists. 

secrets of Perfomring Confidence.jpg

I found it on Amazon. Price is also very affordable. 

If you know of any books like this, let me know. I am always looking forward to a good and useful read.