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Ending my May with a live show at Sentan 4 in Kobe

Heyo, Una Ulla here.

I had the great opportunity to play together with Robin Eve (shakuhachi), Ronald Mason (guitar), Yasumas Koide (base) at Sentan 4 in Kobe. They are well seasoned musicians and great people. What a pleasure.
Here find their performance on NHK.

Sentan 4 is a  neat little place and the owner is the nicest guy. The atmosphere is great, then there is also a little Japanese garden outside. It is very homey. Nice place to wind down. 

Here is their blog and pictures from our show.

Kobe and Sake

Sake’s origins are in Japan. In Japanese it is also called nihonsyu (literally “Japanese alcohol”) and in other languages sometimes translated as rice wine. It is made of fermented rice, but it is not really fair to call it rice wine. Wine is made by fermenting the sugar in grapes, but sake is brewed much like beer…slowly. Now, when making sake, simultaneously sugar evolves from the starch and alcohol evolves from sugar. When brewing beer these steps are clearly divided, unlike in sake brewing. To get a deeper insight into the chemistry of sake brewing, you really need to come and visit one of the sake breweries in Kobe. Why Kobe? Because it is known for producing the most delicious sake in Japanese.

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Thank you for visiting my blog.

Here I will write about my adventures, experiences and news in music from Japan.

I am on the way to produce my first CD here in Japan. How will I do it and how does the music market work here in Japan? I will write about exactly that and on the way will definitely learn a lot. I hope this experience will be useful to you too.

See you!

Una Ulla